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Ruinous Fortune is meant for older readers as it featuring dark fantasy elements, at times graphic violence, horror elements and some heavy story elements like child abuse and suicide ideation.

About the comic


Ruinous Fortune is a gothic fantasy story about a goblin named Gael, who through luck survives the cataclysmic Beast of Oborion. They ended up being adopted by Cayden The Crown of Oborion, personification of death and cruel king of the fae dominion of the same name. 

Despite having been raised to be Cayden’s right hand they continually doubt his judgement and rule. Everything changes however when they meet Lenore a convicted murderer and Lilith a goblin who mysteriously sprang back to life.

Gael wishes to leave their home with these two to find happiness outside of Oborion but Cayden won’t let them leave without consequences that easily.


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